We are grateful that we have found the studio

My Daughter started vocal lessons with Mr Brown little over a month ago. She loves it. She was very nervous to get started, as we have never been any where else. He makes her feel comfortable and has worked with choosing the songs that not only she likes to sing, but are good for her range. He has a week to week schedule and also a long term goal for her. She looks forward to going every week. As far as from the parents perspective – The cost is reasonable, the time of day couldn’t be better and the flexibility that is offered if you cant make it to a practice is a wonderful choice (even though we haven’t used it yet – it’s good to know it’s there). One last thing is that my daughter was trying out for an event at the High School and she needed to squeeze in an extra practice, mostly to calm her nerves, but Mr. Brown was 100% willing to meet with her and help her be ready for the audition the next day. We are grateful that we have found the studio and Mr Brown. Sherry Donner

‚ÄčAmandalyn Dorner