Our music studio offers a flexible schedule for your piano lessons, guitar lessons, and any other musical classes. We recognize that your family may have travel plans or vacation needs throughout the year, which is why we maintain flexibility in closing on various holidays. Take a look at when our music studio is closed in the 2018 calendar year:


January 1, 2018 – Closed for New Year’s Day
March 26-31, 2018  – Closed for   Spring Break
May 28, 2018 – Closed for   Memorial Day
July 3-7, 2018 – Closed for   Summer Break
September 3, 2018 – Closed for   Labor Day
November 20-24, 2018 – Closed for   Thanksgiving Break
December 24-31, 2018 – Closed for   Christmas Break
Please make a note of these dates on your calendar.